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Real Estate Investment Insurance

REIICamargo Insurance has the experience, insurance markets and knowledge to help you protect your properties so that you can focus on managing and growing your real estate portfolio.  At Camargo Insurance, we are passionate about real estate investment insurance, and understand your desire to maximize your ROI while at the same time providing comprehensive protection for your investments.

The financial risks you face as a real estate investor from events beyond your control such as property loss due to fire, wind, flooding or liability claims, can be severe.  Our policies include:

PROPERTY COVERAGE: No two investments are the same.  We can help you make sure your buildings are insured on the right coverage form:  Full Reconstruction Cost, Actual Cash Value, and Market Value options are available.

LOSS OF RENTAL INCOME: The cash flow your investments provide is important.  We’ll make sure your rental income is insured by a Business Income or Loss of Rents endorsement with the right limit.

EQUIPMENT BREAKDOWN:  A large boiler or commercial HVAC system breakdown can be very costly.  Equipment Breakdown coverage can insulate your ROI from an unexpected, expensive repair.

LIABILITY COVERAGE:  The last thing a real estate investor wants is their personal assets exposed to an unexpected liability claim at an investment property.  Your liability coverage can protect you and your assets from liability claims ranging from bodily injury claims such as slip and fall incidents to personal injury claims such as wrongful eviction and invasion of privacy.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we have markets for all types of real estate investments.


Investors with 10 or more locations of single or multifamily properties can qualify for our 10+ Dwelling Program.  Our 10+ Dwelling Program has the best rates in the industry and offers great flexibility for active investors who are purchasing, rehabbing and renting single and multifamily properties.  The program allows the addition of new properties with a simple phone call (no application required), and can accommodate standard rentals occupied at market rents, government subsidized properties, mixed use properties, buildings under renovation, vacant buildings, and vacant land.

Competitively priced, comprehensive coverage for investors with less than 10 locations can be provided on individual policies or packaged with your home and auto insurance for an additional discount.


We have excellent programs for both large apartment complexes and individual apartment buildings. Discounted pricing is available for investors with a large number of units.  Vacant Policies for vacant buildings and Builders Risk Policies for properties undergoing major renovations are also available for properties that are in transition.


Offices, Warehouses, Strip Malls & Shopping Centers all carry their own unique set of opportunities and liability exposures for investors.  We can offer excellent rates and comprehensive insurance coverage for all types of commercial real estate.  Our professional insurance agents have experience in the real estate industry, and can help you navigate the often ambiguous insurance requirements of varying lease agreements.  From triple net leases to seller financed and land contract deals, we can make sure that all parties involved are protected.

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